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Experiencia Temazcal Riviera Maya
Temazcal Amazing Experience

What is a Temazcal Experience?

Saunas, steam baths, sweat lodges, and sweat houses have been around for thousands of years. Modern versions of these ancient structures varies with their place of origin, with native Mexicans referring to a traditional sauna as a "temazcal," native cultures north of Mexico cultures calling it an "inipi" or "kiva," Europeans calling it a "savusauna" or "sudatory," and the Russians naming it "banya" or "banja."

While every ritual is different, ceremonies can last around two hours which might include a shaman-led series of thanksgiving or chanting. The word translates to mean “steam house” and this healing practice is believed to have originated with the ancient tribes of Mexico (such as the Aztecs, the Olmecs, and the Mayans). Pre-Colombian Mesoamericans also practiced temazcal ceremonies as part of curative, healing processes, for purification after physical activity or trauma, overall health, and childbirth. 

To participate, you basically agree to be trapped inside an Igloo-esque oven, wherein a healer throws hot water and herbs onto heated volcanic rocks for a period of 45min. This steam is meant to detoxify, purify and cure the body while the healer performs rituals meant to do similar work on the spirit.

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The temazcal, is akin to a womb, with the idea being that after the ceremony, you’re reborn in a metaphorical sense.

The benefits of partaking in this spiritual, wellness ritual are many, among which you can find:

· Respiratory tract and digestive system undergoes a cleansing process
· Strengthens the nervous system
· Acts as an aid on bone, muscle and gynecological-obstetric conditions
· Helps to reach deep relaxation
· Prevents insomnia, depression and anxiety
· Tones the skin
· Relieves premenstrual syndrome
· Helps ease sinusitis conditions
· Moisturizes, heals and regenerates the skin
· Hydrates hair
· Promotes optimal blood circulation
· Helps in weight loss treatments
· Alleviate liver disorders
· Promotes awareness of deep emotions
· Helps to ease arthritis
· Oxygenates the skin
· Aid on infections treatment

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